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The Spirits of Nature

We believe that all our shamanism comes ultimately from the land where we live and from the spirits who dwell there; it is the land which shapes our customs and our traditions and it is the land which we have sadly neglected for many long years.

This course introduces you to the idea of working with spirits as a negotiator. One of the roles of the shaman is that of negotiator between this reality and the worlds of the spirits; the shaman works to keep the balance between the worlds.

Working mostly in the Middle World, you may for the first time come across spirits who actually do not necessarily have your best interests at heart; we teach you how to work with the spirits safely and with compassion.

The land itself may well be damaged – through mining, quarrying and farming; not to mention road making, bridge building, house building; you see how the list is almost endless….

In some parts of the world today, the land is so sacred that special blessings and ceremonies have to be carried out before breaking the surface of the earth with a spade. How often do you think that kind of ceremony has been carried out here, in the UK, in this, the twenty first century?

It is likely then that much of the land and many of the spirits of the land are, if not actively hostile, then perhaps indifferent to us.

We teach you how to approach these damaged spirits and how to work with them successfully and safely.

We will teach you how to gather power to work in ceremony with the spirits of the land and offer the opportunity to take part in both some personal seiðr, which is a powerful Scandinavian practice, and also you will have the opportunity to “sit out” or in Swedish “sitta ute” for power to help you work even more successfully with the land.

The workshop is intense; but it is also full of joy and laughter. We believe it allows you to move forward safely in your shamanic practice and to take your first safe steps in working with the Spirits of Nature.

Here are some comments from our students…

“A powerful and inspiring course set in a beautiful landscape that lends itself to ceremony. Jane and Christine are hugely generous in the amount of information they share. This is a course packed with ideas that covers so much ground and moves at a cracking pace. It allowed me to breakthrough self-limiting beliefs, to expand my spiritual knowledge and practice and to make new friends. It changed me in a good way and added a whole new level to the work I do. Thank you!”

"This course gave a fantastic coverage of working with the spirits of nature. In a wonderful setting the balance between outdoor work and journeying to meet new spirit helpers was perfect. The chance to 'sit-out' in various beautiful settings added a special quality to the course and the whole course has helped me with my every day shamanic work.

The spirits are alway with me - jane shutt

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