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Shamanic Teacher Training

CADER IDRIS SHAMANIC CENTRE are proud to announce that we are offering a 3 year course in SHAMANIC TEACHER TRAINING, BEGINNING IN FEBRUARY 2018.

The course will take place in LLWYNGWRIL, WALES, and will be fully residential.

The course is aimed at those people who have completed many years of SHAMANIC TRAINING already; and are fully comfortable with working shamanically in the LOWER, the MIDDLE and the UPPER WORLDS, having a strong connection to both their POWER ANIMAL and to their SPIRIT TEACHER.

Such a person will also be comfortable using such methods as SOUL RETREIVAL, EXTRACTION WORK, SHAMANIC COUNSELLING and WORKING WITH THE DEAD.

The people we are looking for are already considering teaching their own INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOPS and more; but are concerned about their lack of knowledge of how to TEACH.

Our course is for that kind of person.

We only work in very small groups; the maximum size group we are prepared to teach is 8 people.

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