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Other Training

We run both Introductory and more advanced courses in Wales.

Each year we hold at least one Introductory Course, on which we cover the basics of shamanic practice. On this course you will be introduced to the idea of the three worlds, you will be taught how to do a Shamanic Trance Journey, you will make a first contact with a spirit of nature and you will have a first meeting with your power animal helper.

The course “Deepening the Connection” is designed to follow from the Introductory Course, although it would be of value at a later stage as well. This course is for those who want to use shamanism purely for personal growth, for those who are seeking a spiritual practice and for those who wish to continue training to become a shamanic practitioner.

We run a 3-year long shamanic practitioner’s course. If you are interested in this, please go to the ‘Practitioner Training’ page.

Working with Land Spirits

An Introduction to Working with the Spirits of Nature


  • Introductory Course with Cadair Idris Centre for Shamanic Studies (or another reputable teacher)
  • An on-going personal shamanic practice

The course is two four- day meetings, and will cover:

  • Working with the spirits of plants and animals
  • Working with Elementals
  • Working safely with Spirits of Nature

We will be spending some time outside on this workshop, so you will need to come prepared to be outside in nature to learn from the land itself. There will be the opportunity to “sit out” overnight – an ancient way of gathering the power and help of the spirits.

Advanced work with Spirits of Nature

For those people who have completed An Introduction to Working with the Spirits of Nature, there is more advanced work that can be done, developing our skills as a Negotiator with the Spirits, as well as looking at ways that we can practice a Land-based Shamanism, suitable for, and in sympathy with, where we are now in 21st Century UK. If you have already done the Introduction to Working with the Spirits of Nature course, Jane will contact you with details. If you haven’t, but feel that you have sufficient experience to fit into an advanced course, please contact us with details of the land work that you have already done.

Ancestors and Past Lives

We are who we are because of a combination of who we have been and from whom we come. Ancestors and Past Lives is a four-day workshop looking at those issues engendered by our previous lives and by the family line, and working through those issues.

We will look at what an ‘ancestor’ is and how a past life can affect the life we are living now, and we will look at the healing of the wounds and the celebration of the gifts of both.

Being the Change

We are all very excited by this course, which is run for the first time in 2014. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” It’s an inspiring thought but not always easy to see how to put into practice. Come and spend four days exploring how we can use shamanism to make a difference in the World.


Exploring seidr, ceremony and wild nature with Christine Mark, Jane Shutt and Shenoah Taylor

The practice of seidr is deeply woven into nature and while much of our sacred isle has been cultivated wilderness still lives in the heart of the earth. The magical coast of West Wales allows us to touch easily the essence of the Mountains, Sea, River and Forest and receive wisdom from the spirits of the land.

During our time together we will work with the spirits taking our already honed seidr skills to new levels of understanding and experience. We will explore working with the elements, the land, the setting of the sun, the fullness of the moon and the power and energies of the mountain, sea, river and forest. We will step through the door into wild connection and discover the treasures and joy the practice of seidr offers the modern practitioner of this ancient tradition.

The craft of seidr calls for deepening further our own spiritual traditions and experiencing the magic and ecstasy of spirit connection. Working in nature in different locations we will explore the relationship between ourselves, nature, the song and the staff using community ritual, paired and lone work.

This workshop is for experienced seidr workers; to be considered you must have attended a seidr workshop run by one of the facilitators, Annette Host or an agreed equivalent.

Our chosen venue, Frondderw, is a large and comfortable house in the village of Llwyngwril in the Snowdonia National Park. It is a few minutes walk from the sea and also Amynedd, the home of Jane and Christine which is nestled at the foot of Cader Idris Mountain; one of the highest mountains in Wales. Amynedd, which means “Patience”, offers 10 acres of mountain side, woodland, streams and magical places to explore.

The course is fully residential and all meals will be provided. Some of the areas we will be working in are accessed by steep inclines so participants need to be physically active.

Cost: £430 - £480 depending on accommodation choice

Open your arms to what the Earth gives. She’s your mother. You are her child. This is your birth right – she’ll give it to you – And together, you’ll re-seed The Wild.

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If you have any questions about any of these courses, please contact us.

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