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Introductory Workshops

For current costs please contact Christine at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or via the CONTACT PAGE on this site.

These small, friendly workshops are held over two full days; typically from Wednesday morning until Thursday afternoon, or from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon, and are non-residential.

Our intention is to teach you how to Journey safely in the three worlds of the shamanic universe – the Lower, the Middle and the Upper – using the sound of the drum to hold your boundaries.

We introduce you to some ways of using your first Shamanic tool – your Rattle – and how you can use it to help keep strong your connection to your Power Animal.

We will teach you how to take a Journey on your own to meet your own spirits and to seek answers to aid your own healing.

There will be space to take our work outside and to begin to develop your connection to the Spirits of Nature.

You will have the opportunity to work with a partner in order to help them and you will be able to take part in a Community Healing Ceremony in order to help heal a member of the group.

There will be opportunities for you to take first steps in shamanic dance and we will sing spirit songs given to us by our spirits, to share with folk on our workshops.

And there will always be room for your questions!

We hope you will be inspired to join us on one of our Introductory Workshops soon…

We provide lunches (simple, such as soup and salad or baked potatoes with assorted fillings) and hot drinks and biscuits. There are always supplies of dairy milk and soya milk, and many de-caff drinks as well as the usual drinks.

Here are some comments students from previous workshops have shared with us….

“I shall have to start at the very beginning, meeting you both on the very first introduction weekend – but even before that I saw the weekend course advertised on the internet and having ventured on my own into the spirit worlds to look at my parents, I realised how ill-equipped I was, how amazing the experience of journeying although terrifying at the same time, and the far-reaching effects. I know now that my spirits were directing me to your door, Jane and Christine, so I arrived, not knowing what to expect. It was of course beyond what I could have imagined! Meeting my power animals and forming a deeper bond with my spiritual teacher was an unforgettable experience and the start of great changes in me, my work and my life not to mention the lives of my children and grandchildren as well!”

"So as you know I attended your first Introduction to Shamanism course back in November 2009 and was blown away by the experience. I remember driving away from Scarborough, at the end of the weekend, thinking to myself that I’d finally found the connection and thing I’d been looking for, for a very long time. I knew I’d discovered something very profound and met some people who would play an important part in my life over the coming years. Meeting my power animal for the first time was an incredible experience. I had got to a point where I was fed up with all the ‘pretend stuff’ I wanted something far beyond that and the only way I was going to accept it, was if a ‘miracle’ happen!!! I think it’s safe to say that meeting my power animal and the experience of that weekend, turned out to be exactly that. As I had met a spirit/power animal/spirit ‘guide’ that had a profound impact on me."

"A wonderful workshop; I felt fully supported to explore journeying and the reflections and support given by Jane and Christine were insightful. They answered questions and explored topics with real knowledge, wisdom and enthusiasm. A great experience and gave me motivation and encouragement to keep exploring shamanism."

"The Intro Workshop was pitched so that complete novices to Shamanism and journeying were helped in a kindly and thoughtful way to understand and participate in the various practices. Anyone with a little more experience was helped to deepen their journeying in a very supportive way. What I found particularly useful for myself were Jane and Christine's insights into the difficulty I was having in coming back from a journey with anything meaningful and how this has now improved as a result of being on the Workshop. I also found that being a member of an interesting and likeminded group helped to make the whole experience very worthwhile for me."

“In the year since I attended your introductory course; many changes have occurred. I have had some very helpful insights into areas in my life that need developing, and some complete changes of heart about certain issues due to these insights. These have at times been challenging but always positive. When I feel I need extra help my spirits are always there for me, and always go that extra mile. I feel very lucky to have such friends in non-ordinary reality.

Although I was initially nervous, I really enjoyed the course and had some amazing experiences during the two days. As a result of the course I regularly attend a drumming group which is also extremely beneficial for me. Even the food on the course was very tasty! Thank you to both of you for teaching me to connect with non-ordinary reality and make a real positive difference in my life.”

“I attended the introductory course in October 2014. While I was initially uncertain what to expect, and also somewhat sceptical as to whether I would be able to journey, I was very pleasantly surprised. Jane and Christine were so helpful in setting us all at our ease and ensuring we were fully prepared at each stage – I knew we were in good hands. They were also more than happy to share their wealth of experience with us, which helped to make each part of the course really interesting and enjoyable.

During the course I had some experiences that proved to my inner sceptic that what I had felt and seen was definitely not a product of my imagination, and I can honestly say that I gained a huge amount from the course and thoroughly enjoyed it, perhaps contrary to my initial expectations.

Since the course I have journeyed a few times, although I still feel that I am a complete novice, and so am proceeding slowly and carefully using the information and techniques gained on the course. However, I fully intend to continue, albeit at a pace that I can cope with. Overall I would not have missed this experience for anything and would like to thank Christine and Jane for giving me the opportunity to explore something so totally different to anything else I have ever done.”


Could you take the step towards a greater understanding of Shamanism, by attending one of our workshops? We hope so!

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