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Healing the Fractured Soul


The Cadair Idris Centre for Shamanic Studies’ Practitioner’s Course, ‘Healing the Fractured Soul’ is one of the most detailed and inclusive courses to train shamanic practitioners in the U.K.

The course is the culmination of many years teaching and writing about shamanic healing. As we have continued to increase our own knowledge and skills in shamanic healing, training with this-world teachers as well as with our spirit teachers, we have also increased and developed still further our skills in teaching others to become shamanic healers.

'Healing the Fractured Soul' is a three-year course, with meetings of 5 days twice a year, six meetings in all. We cover the whole range of shamanic healing – retrievals of power and of missing soul parts, extraction and de-possession, helping the dead, plant spirit healing, blessings and curse unravelling. We teach shamanic counselling methods and how we can use this tool to work through our own issues and health problems, in order to make us all better practitioners. Our intake is small. We accept a maximum of six students per class. This is because we work intensely and closely with each individual in order to maximise their learning and to maintain the safety of students and their clients.

One of the advantages of having so small and intimate a group is that we are able to offer guidance to each student at each of the meetings. This makes our course unique.

During the course, students will be expected to practice what has been learned and to write up case studies. A certificate of successful completion will be given at the end of the three years.

'Healing the Fractured Soul' is an advanced course and is only suitable for people who are already practising shamanism. Potential students should have:

  • Been following a shamanic path for at least a year
  • Completed an Introductory Course with North Yorkshire Shamanism, The Cadair Idris Centre for Shamanic Studies or another reputable teacher
  • Completed further shamanic study such as Deepening Our Connection or similar. 

On completion of 'Healing the Fractured Soul', a student will have fulfilled all the criteria for membership of The Core Shamanic Practitioners’ Circle ( The course will cover:

  • Soul retrieval
  • Power retrieval
  • Extraction
  • Shamanic Counselling
  • Learning how to work with the spirits of illness
  • Working with plant spirits
  • Working with the spirits of crystals
  • How to help the dead and dying
  • Elemental balancing
  • Setting up a sacred space
  • Increasing our understanding of the 3 Worlds
  • Developing our relationship with our Teachers, power animals and helpers
  • Self-development

The above list is not exhaustive, but these topics are ones which will most certainly be taught. If you wish to be considered for this course, or have any further questions, please contact us.

Here are some comments about the course from some of our students who have already completed ‘Healing the Fractured Soul’:

“As our meetings progressed we learned the tools of our trade, the power of the staff, the use of crystals and plants in healing work, sucking extraction (still not pleasant although highly effective at times) other forms of extraction, what to do with intrusions, spirit holders and catchers. We learnt about the seasons, solstices, equinoxes, always with a view to furthering our understanding of and communication with the spirit world in altered reality and how it overlays and intertwines with this reality.

Many of the insights and connections, I share with my students and clients making a massive difference to my teaching and healing work. Thank you Jane and Christine. Since a lot of my healing work deals with extraction, the depth and power which shamanism has brought to the work cannot be evaluated. Extracting the effects of past lives, karmic contracts, cutting various types of attachments, dealing with all manner of intrusions, has deepened and widened my perception and awareness on many levels. My spirit teachers are always there advising, helping, bringing in help when needed, they've changed my whole approach to healing work.

In the last two years we learnt we gained further insights into shamanism and the spirit worlds through psychopomping, soul retrieval and shamanic counselling. All these practices I have used on many occasions often combined with extraction and power animal retrieval. They have proved themselves as highly effective and powerful forms of healing over and over again. I've witnessed how soul retrieval changes and empowers people. I've used shamanic counselling on many occasions when clients come with big life decisions and seen how it has changed their lives for the better. Thank you Jane and Christine.

Throughout these four (can it be that long??) years you have both provided wise counsel, friendship, great food and a good kick up the proverbial when needed! I have nothing but respect and love for you both and I hope that the move you are shortly to make will be everything that you want and more. The spirits are with you of course! With love and gratitude”

“I have learned so much and without wishing to sound trite I feel truly honoured by the experience; it has been a tremendous journey (so far – with more to come!), there have been some very trying times and some extremely frustrating moments but I would not have missed it for the world and know that I am a much better person for it. Thank you both!”

"The reason for doing the course was always to ground myself in the fundamentals of shamanic practice without necessary ever thinking I would set up as a shamanic practitioner. I feel able now to be able to work with spirit with people in a safe way that grounds me and allows a safe space for this to happen. I wanted to be taught the parameters, the frameworks and I feel now that I have been able to learn these ways of working. I do feel my work is very much about the healing of the land and people @ Oakland’s Park and that this will come in its own good time. I feel I would love to facilitate others holding a course there and people to stay in time. The land loves song and the rituals. I feel that my work is about the land and look forward to learning more with you both about this. There is something that sings to my soul in this. Thank you and your spirits for the opportunity to work, grow and learn in this way. You both are a blessing in my life. Love Gemma"

“It’s been a great journey so far and I look forward to the next part of the journey, knowing that after all this time I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for…”

“Jane and Christine it’s been a great privilege to be taught by you, to know you as teachers and dear friends. With all of my being I will be eternally grateful to you and I just wish there was some way I could repay you and show you how much you both mean to me, I want so much to be able to show you I could burst. All I know is that I want to continue to be and do better and be the best I can possibly be and live life with fireworks and with such a big bang that the spirits feels the vibrations. HEHEHHEHE!!!! By being under your tutelage and guidance I am beginning to see that could be possible, life seems to have some sunshine now.”

“I changed the day I bought Jane’s book and that is when my True path started to unfold. No doubt about that!!

I’ve found my TRUE PATH is SHAMANISM – I’m proud of myself; EXTREMELY PROUD – I can see the benefits of Shamanism as opposed to other spiritual ways and teachings – I DO HAVE A CHOICE & don’t have to put up with stuff for the sake of putting up with it and say “Aw well, it is how it is” I DESERVE BETTER!!

I am Mary, I am me
Watch this space and you will see
A flower grow with petals wide
Tall and strong, stand in pride
Fed by Spirit and Glitter rain
Mary’s arrived, she’s HOME AGAIN!!”


The spirits are alway with me - jane shutt

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