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Deepening Our Connection

This 3-day workshop is non-residential and is designed to allow you to further develop the skills learned on your introductory workshop and practice and deepen your journeying techniques. The workshop is designed to help you find answers to questions such as “what can I do with this shamanic journeying then?” And “where do I go from here?

Deepening our Connection is our answer to those questions; and we hope that you will find that this course helps you make a smooth transition from feeling awkward and unsure about what you are doing next, to feeling confident about journeying at home in non-workshop conditions.

So often over the years we have heard people say “I journey so easily on workshops, but as soon as I try at home it doesn’t work” and we have tried to come up with ways to help boost your confidence and so deepen your experience of working in a shamanic way.

The entire focus of this workshop is to strengthen your newly discovered skill, shamanic journeying. To this end, we teach you how to understand your journeys more fully, to be able to read from them as simply and as fully as possible the teachings your spirits are giving you to your personal issues.

Learning how to interpret your own journeys and so to be able to understand both yourself and your own spirits more clearly is indeed an amazing skill to possess.

Through further journeying in the Middle World, we will guide you in how to move safely; learning some of the amazing things the spirits of the Middle World can teach us.

We will introduce you to other areas of shamanism to allow you to make more investigative journeys on your own – for instance how to take your first steps in working with Plant Spirit Medicine and to look at the Wheel of the Year from a shamanic perspective.

We will ease you into the idea of having your own personal shamanic practice in order to keep your connection to the worlds of the spirits strong all the time.

Throughout the two workshops, there will be plenty of space for you to ask your personal questions and of course, plenty of time for dancing, singing and having fun!

Here are some comments from some students who have already “Deepened their Connection”!

“I very much enjoyed the course: “Deepening our Connection”. Jane and Christine have such a wealth of experience and information not only in Shamanism but many other areas of life too. It is always a joy to spend time their company as they are so helpful with their advice and are eager to watch you grow on your spiritual path. As the course title states 'Deepening our Connection' did in fact improve my practice in journeying and I indeed deepen my connection with my spirits which helped me greatly - and boy do I need help ! With any personal growth work there are usually challenges to overcome, such as our beliefs about ourselves and where these beliefs come from; but this is well worth the effort as it really enables you to enhance your practice and so deepen the connection with yourself too. And for that I owe a debt of gratitude to both Jane and Christine who are two special souls that I have had the great fortune to meet and continue to be taught by.”

“I really enjoyed the course 'Deepening our Connection with Spirit' because I have been on a journey of personal growth for numerous years and I am always looking for new ways to improve my practice. I feel this course enhanced that mightily.

What I loved most about the course is that we advanced our journey practice that we had learnt on the Introductory course but we learned how to make it much more personal and deeper. We were taught different techniques to use to explore and understand more fully what our Journeys meant and what our own personal spirits were teaching us; this then enhanced our journeys with our spirits.

Another thing that stood out for me is that although the course has a structure, Jane and Christine adapted it as the days progressed, to suit our needs as learners; therefore as a learner I felt I was in the right place at the right time as it focused on what I needed to deal with and explore personally at that time.

I would highly recommend the courses they provide - they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and I feel you enter as strangers but leave as friends.”

The spirits are alway with me - jane shutt

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