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What is Shamanism...and How Can It Help Me?

Shamanism is probably the oldest form of spiritual practice. Throughout the world, from Australia to Greenland to the Amazon, from prehistory to the present day, shamans have acted as intermediaries between the human world and the world of the spirits. Shamans are a bridge between the world that we know and experience every day – this material reality – and that inhabited by spirits.

And everywhere the shaman's job is to balance. Without balance we become ill, mentally, physically, emotionally - but overall, spiritually. This can apply not only to human beings but also to animals and places.

Shamans maintain or restore balance with the help of their spirit friends and helpers. Spirits come in many guises. There are the ones people in our society often think of when the word is mentioned – ghosts, spirits of those we have known who have died before us, those that spiritualists contact.

But shamans also deal with other spirits. There are all the spirits of nature – the weather spirits, the tree spirits, the water spirits. There are spirits of place – there is a spirit of your house, for example, and one of the park.

Then there are others, less well known – spirits of illness, for example.

The shaman's task is to negotiate between the humans in the local community and the spirits, communicating with each and representing the interests of humans to the spirits and the interests of spirits to the humans. The better known role of healer is part of this wider picture.


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