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The Spirits Are Always With Me

I walked slowly along the path. On either side heather moorland stretched far away to a blue and cloudless sky. The sun shone. I had no idea where the path went, nor what I might encounter along the way.

Far in the distance I could see a bird flying towards me, as yet too far away to recognise the species. All I could see was that it was big. I continued to walk forward and soon I could see that it was an owl. It landed in front of me and looked at me. I said,

"Can you show me where to find my Teacher?"

The owl flew off along the path, back the way it had just come. Once it turned, but, when it saw I was following it, it flew on without checking again. It flew quickly but somehow I kept up with it.

Then, suddenly, we were at a cliff. I stopped just on the edge. Below me the chalk dropped to a stony beach. The tide was either in or very nearly so.

I became aware that a man in a black robe stood beside me. I said,

"Are you my Teacher?"

He nodded, smiled and the skin around his eyes crinkled. I felt as if this were someone I could trust. I asked,

"What are you going to teach me?"

He pointed down to the grass growing beneath our feet.

"That is earth," he said.

He pointed to the sea,

"That is water."

He raised his hand to the blue sky,

"That is air."

Then to the sun.

"And that is fire."

It's many years since I did that first shamanic journey where I met my first Teacher and my first power animal helper. I still have little idea where the path goes, or what I might encounter along the way. But I know that I walk that path with my spirits and I know that, wherever my path takes me, the driving force that moves me along it is shamanism.

This book is about shamanism. It's not a "How to do Shamanic Journeying" book, nor is it esoteric ramblings designed to mystify. Ever since I started teaching shamanic workshops people have asked me to recommend books on the subject to them. There are a few books I suggest. But there isn't a book that clearly explains what shamanism is and what people can expect if they visit a shamanic healer or attend a shamanic workshop. So here is my attempt to fill that gap.


The spirits are alway with me - jane shutt

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