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Shamanic Healing & Counselling

So, what is shamanic healing? What is it which, on a spiritual level, needs healing?

Often the illness turns out to be caused by one of two things. Either something is missing that should be part of us or something is in us that should not be there. Of course, these two often go together.

You may have part of you missing. This could be either a part of your soul or the energy that you need to be healthy. Soul retrieval is becoming widely known as a way of helping a person feel more whole. Often the soul part has been lost due to some trauma - indeed you sometimes hear a person say "I have never felt complete since...” The shaman will seek out and return the soul part, restoring your loss. Or maybe what is missing is your power – your own primal energy, lost over months or maybe years of being ground down by work, family or neighbours. A common symptom of this ‘power loss’ is when nothing seems to go right. You know the type of situation – the main wage earner in the household is made redundant, the dog dies, you lose your purse with this week’s housekeeping in it ... or worse. This run of bad luck continues and eventually you become ill. You have lost your energy, literally. The shaman can find your power for you and return it, often in the form of an animal.

And if our power or a part of our soul has got lost, this leaves a space. Other things can find their way in and get stuck - like a spider in the bath, or a stone in your shoe. Not evil, or even bad, but not in the right place. In shamanic terms this is called an intrusion. The shaman's job is to remove the intrusion (a process known as 'extraction') and return it to where it should be. Both retrievals and extractions are ways of re-balancing you. 

Houses and places of work can get ill, as well, often manifesting as poltergeists. So can woodlands, parks, a town or your household pets. The shaman can help all or any of these.

We are all members of the Core Shamanic Practitioners’ Circle, a group for professional shamanic practitioners. If you would like to find a practitioner, please go to the Core Shamanic Practitioners’ Circle website at

We also practice shamanic counselling. Here it is the spirits who are the true counsellors and we facilitate the process, using our shamanic expertise to help you decide exactly what to ask your own helper spirits. You, the client, then undertake a Shamanic Trance Journey during which you can access the wisdom and help of those spirits. The Journey is spoken out loud and recorded, and then client and counsellor together come to an understanding of the answer. 

Counselling clients often visit us because they have an issue in their lives that they wish to get sorted. We generally find that about five sessions of about two hours each is enough to resolve most issues. 

However, shamanic counselling is also an excellent tool for people who already use shamanism, but want to form a closer relationship with their spirits or who want to understand their Journeys better. We all use counselling regularly in this way.

The spirits are alway with me - jane shutt

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