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Visitors to Amynedd

Blog 15

Actually, the first visitors arrived in mid-April and are here still; they are very welcome and we love having them stay with us…. Meet Stevie and Highlight; two lovely horses who have taken up permanent residence on our field…Stevie is two coloured and Highlight is basically brown.

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They had been living on a field where the stream dried up in March and so their owners, Louise and Dave, were spending lots of time and money driving to their field with water. Louise grew up in the village and knows AMYNEDD quite well. I said we had no idea if the streams on the land would dry up in the summer. She said quickly (too quickly, I thought…) “They don’t!” Right then; new home for Stevie and Highlight!

Directly following the end of our workshop “ANCESTORS AND PAST LIVES” friend Karen Kelly came to stay for a few days. She was very happy to lend a hand with the endless shredding of brambles and the like, and together we built the first of the many bonfires at AMYNEDD this summer…

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These summer visitors, bluebells, just took our breath away….

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Our nephew, Abraham visited us at the end of his University year; he hadn’t been to this part of Wales before and was “blown away” by the scenery….well, who wouldn’t be, travelling along the coast of the train from Shrewsbury? While he was with us, he too had a go at shredding stuff…

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…..and a small amount of kung fu or “why won’t this just go into the bl**dy shredder” happened too… Other welcome and delightful appearances were there over the summer…all these glorious rhododendrons….and lilies….

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……these lovely red lilies were in a pot left behind by poor Elizabeth; there are two pots full, but for some reason I photographed only one…. ….we were visited by friends old and new….

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Bec took a day out from climbing around Snowdon, to come and see us in our new home; we gave her this huge lettuce to take back to her tent!

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Ashleigh and her husband Mike, came to AMYNEDD, parked their campervan on the drive and stayed for a week! What a wonderful and huge difference they made to the garden….they even asked if they could stay an extra night to do some more…YES YOU CAN!

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My brother John and his daughter, Georgie, came to visit; Jane made quiche and a salad with deadnettle as an ingredient; Georgie ate it and even ate the Day Lily flower too…..

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Jen and her lovely dog, Lucy came in July and we spent a great week out and about in Wales; and Jen helped us plant out some azaleas on the bank above the pond. It was hard work, but it looks great. I hope that next summer the azaleas all bloom!

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Jamie came for a while, camping and gardening; he got himself a job and moved away….he really likes swimming.

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My brother, John, sent this inflatable ring as a Gift; we were highly delighted with it and sat in it often in the newly mended pond! I discovered the delights of drifting around the pond with a Magnum in one hand and a book in the other….

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Julia Crabtree, Jane and Shenoah Taylor in the sunshine outside Y Ganolfan during the September meeting of the cspc (Core Shamanic Practitioners’ Circle; we meet twice yearly at the Equinoxes), and me with Ruth Telfer and Jean North around our Stone Table that same weekend…Ruth and her husband, Roger, came to visit AMYNEDD back in early January – before Chris Ticehurst had left – and they decided almost immediately, that they wanted t olive here too. So they sold their home in Coventry and bought a beautiful property in the next village, Friog (pronounce VREE-OG), moving in last month, in August!! We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends!

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This is the final day of the final meeting of Healing the Fractured Soul Group B&C. For a variety of reasons, people had to drop out of this 3 year course, and so these Veterans are the ones who made it through! From the left, on the back row, are Mary Sellars, Katrina Appleby and Jane. On the front row, from the left are Viv Chamberlain-Kidd, Kim Quance and Ashleigh Ranft. These lovely people began the practitioners’ course in Scarborough at our house, and ended it is Scarborough, but at the amazing hotel Green Gables. What adventures we had there…!!

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Elizabeth Alback from Stockholm came for a few days visit; her first to us and her first to Wales! We had fun showing her our particularly lovely bit of this amazingly beautiful country…..and our joy is that she is coming again in 2015.

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Kat and Mary came for a few days in November; a visit isn’t a visit without a cake and Jane made a particularly splendid one, Mary brought a special candle….and boy was it special! They worked so hard, in the garden….Kat and I planted loads of crocus hoping for a display in spring 2015….however the squirrels thought otherwise and they ate every one! Mary began transforming a dead tree into a Work of Art….an on-going task which she relishes enormously…

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This visit, by Stevie, to the garden, was a shock! I opened the bathroom window one morning, and there he was, grazing in the garden! It took only a carrot to persuade him his field was better….but he really liked coming, and it took quite a lot of ingenuity to keep him out!

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This visitor has come to stay. The pavement mobility scooter, who has been named Blue Pearl, has come to live with us and has magically transformed our lives. Now, instead of just sitting in the car or on a nearby bench, I can join in with things; I have visited garden centres, the beach, woodland paths, the bridge to Barmouth and for the first time in years I can be just a little bit independent. After relying for so long on the kindness of Jane, it is so nice to be able to say “Oh, I’ll just go and get…” in a supermarket; or “I’m just going to look at…” instead of waiting to be pushed there in my wheelchair, or wobble there on my sticks.

We love our life at AMYNEDD. This year, 2014, has been one full of the most amazing challenges; I am proud to say we have risen to the mall and we have emerged beaten, bloody but most definitely unbowed. AMYNEDD is our home for now and forever.

My next Blog will mark the beginning of 2015. I hope you like this one!

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