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AMYNEDD is made beautiful

Blog 14 - April and May 2014

In which AMYNEDD is made beautiful and we hold our first workshop in our brand new Shamanic Room.

First of all, in this blog I have to admit to feeling serious shredder envy. John Anderson, Tree Surgeon came back once he and his team had rescued the good people of Gwynedd from their fallen trees after the gales of February 2014.

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I was so impressed with the capacity of this shredder to reduce the HUGE amount of brash we now had in the garden to chippings in moments, I asked John how much it had cost….”This little thing? You would not expect much change from £28000…” Wow. I decided sadly it was beyond our means!

The giant shredder made short work of the brash that was waiting and then shredded the extra trees John took down…

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The tree in Photo 3 is leaning dangerously close to the greenhouse…..and in photo 4 the Rowan is completely overwhelmed by the ivy growing up it….ivy has a nickname around here: Tree Death. Lovely though it looks, if allowed to grow unchecked, it eventually squeezes he life out of trees, until suddenly you are aware that the only thing holding up the tree is Ivy…and that can be dangerous.

After the tree surgeons left, we were left with 2 giant mounds of chippings. So we decided to use them to make paths.  The first one we made was to the place we had set up Kwan Yin and beside her, a shrine to the Earth Gods. We used cut up woven plastic bags as underlay and then poured the still warm chippings onto it. It sounds simple enough, but the underlay had to be secured and the chippings had to be shovelled first into the wheel barrow then trundled across the garden and finally poured onto the new path…

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Then, mad with excitement and the thrill of achievement, we created a wonderful chip filled area where once it was mere mud! And look!! The door on the Studio (ex-garage) opens outwards at last! Things are really moving…..

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….as we gear up to teach our first workshop from our wonderful new home…AMYNEDD! We tidied and cleared away as much mess as we could throughout the house, so all the rooms were presentable; then we turned our attention to the Studio and the Workroom…in order to clean everything had to come out side…it looked a bit daunting…but just look at the glorious camellia in the background! That is just wonderful!

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Then we put it all back…

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The dresser was bought for a very small amount long ago from a now closed Do-It-All; some of you may remember them. It had a tall plate stand on top for years, but that went as firewood two houses back! The table is from Habitat, solid beech for £79 in 1983. We wondered if we were paying too much, really; the fold up chairs at £8 seemed hugely expensive….it was a different world back then.

Two shots now of the Shamanic room…it is as ready as it can be….and so are we!

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What can I say? The course -ANCESTORS AND PAST LIVES -was amazing! Made even more so by the awesome courage of the women taking part. They confronted and accepted and were utterly determined to make things better for themselves and for their family lines. It was truly heart-breaking stuff and incredibly powerful. So intense was it all, that I even forgot to take any photos! However, here are two photos to finish on: one is a cake made for the wonderful Glitter Mary to celebrate her Birthday, and the other, an image made by Mary out of the tiny flower pots Jane found inside the strange stone and concrete obelisk 

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