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Blog 13 - February and March 2014

Well then; here we were two where three had been. How were we to cope? This is a serious question. It is all very well for us to suddenly have the house to ourselves…and to be sure we could always use the extra space which was no ours…..but there were other considerations to take into account. For instance; two people rather than three meant that one third of our clearing and gardening capacity was missing. Taking stuff to the recycling centre halved what could be taken in one go; thus doubling the cost. We felt as though we had had an amputation. A whole limb was missing. We had been three we were now two.

Our spirits however said differently: “We are still three; Christine, Jane and Amynedd”.

Jane had ordered some trees to be delivered; they came in the middle of all of this upheaval; tiny trees which we wanted to plant out in the pasture to begin the halting of the advance of the bracken. They were such a fragile collection of tiny trees, dependant utterly on us to survive.

The weather was really not good; not good at all. It rained and the wind blew. It was not good tree planting weather, then suddenly, when we least expected it the weather changed. The wind dropped the sky was blue and the sun shone. We decided that today we would plant the trees!

blog 13 1

Here is Jane grinning with triumph as we lugged up the hill all that we needed for tree planting…! It was a long way up the hill; and we had to take lots of equipment…I carried things in a rucksack as I needed both hands to hold my sticks….Jane carried the tree sleeves to protect the tiny trees from grazing things as they grew. We had also some good stakes to tie them to anchor them….but Jane also cut some hazel poles for some.

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It was not as hard as I had expected. In quite a short time we had planted the trees in among the bracken.

blog 13 4

We called in our spirits, asking them to Bless each tree.

blog 13 5blog 13 6

And in Photo 6 you can see our newly planted hillside of Silver Birch!

blog 13 7

We had also some Silver Birch which were slightly bigger than the tiny seedlings we planted inside protective sleeves; these were too large and had too many branches to slip easily inside a sleeve, so we planted them in a rough Circle on a hillside and felt pretty pleased with ourselves.

blog 13 8

Photo 8 shows the view of the Bay from our hillside…I think it is quite spectacular!

blog 13 9

Our Tree Surgeon, John Anderson, sent a couple of men to clear the broken tree from our newly created Shamanic Room. Evidently the remove trees etc from power lines first ,then from the roofs of houses and next from the roofs of outbuildings. We were evidently on his Priority list for outbuildings. Two men came and it took them all day to cut down the broken Ash tree – which revealed that it had been sick; they found a virus inside it – and also the tall conifer just beside it; the one we had asked to be taken down because we thought it might fall!

When the tree was removed from the roof, really, the damage was minimal…..were we lucky? Well; we had some protection from our spirits. A Blessing given to us by one of Jane’s Teachers was “May a tree never fall on the roof of your home” Blessed is what we were and what we are!

blog 13 10

Anyway, all the brash from the ash gave Jane the opportunity to use the garden shredder and then we started to make our first paths with our own shredded wood….how good is that?

blog 13 11

Just look at the evening sun on the trees…how beautiful! We became very ambitious and our new paths began creeping across the “lawn”…

blog 13 12blog 13 13blog 13 14

I was very pleased with this path; it is up beyond the third greenhouse, and leads into the wood…

blog 13 15

We had wondered since we moved in what would the colours be of the many camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas we found at AMYNEDD. We did not expect to see them in bloom for months….but suddenly, look what we found!

blog 13 16

We were beginning to dare to believe that we could remain at AMYNEDD and that life would be OK.

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