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Blog 12 - February 2014

True to her word, Chris T arrived at AMYNEDD on Saturday 15th February and along with her two children she packed into a large white transit van all of her stuff. She said she had not imagined she would be doing this; it was scarcely a fortnight since she had finally emptied all her boxes, for what she had hoped was the last time.

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This then is the van, utterly full to the brim with all of her things. She had no room for her garden table and 4 chairs, or her wheelbarrow, so they were left here. She also left with us her brazier. We came across odd things she had left accidently later, and she too had some of our stuff in error; but these we were able to sort out easily on our trips to Scarborough to Teach.

However, considering how full these rooms had been, seeing them this empty is strange indeed…

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We had many interesting things to think about….!

The Shed! The Tree Surgeons! The Bathroom! So much to write about…they all happened at about the same time.

Tim and Andy laid the concrete pad for the new shed, which arrived in pieces on the back of a lorry. They put it together between them…

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You can see them fixing it together; I think it took me and Jane as long fixing together the cold frame you can see in Photo 5; I think the instructions read “fix together but for goodness’ sake don’t tighten anything until you’ve finished, you dolt!” Anyway, it looks good in the place Jane fixed it.

Meanwhile, Steve, the plumber, had come and fixed up the new immersion heater in the loft and we waved good bye to the old bath. The room seemed so much larger when the bath had been removed…

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And then…Tree Surgeon John Anderson got in touch. He finally had a day free and was proposing to come and take down the four large (VERY LARGE) Alders which were just on the other side of the Garden Stream…we were very excited!

They arrived early on Wednesday 12th February; before we had set off for our Welsh class. Have I mentioned Jane and I are learning to speak Welsh? It is very good! We love it.anyway, the Tree Surgeons…

Remember the terrible time we had with Martin? He who swung his chain saw around his head? Well, John Anderson’s team are NOTHING like that! They are Professionals…

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There was so much to do they did not have time to complete all the felling in one day; neither did they have time to put all of the brash (technical term which means all the short branches which can’t be used for burning or for much else, really…) through the chipper. They would come again and finish the job. But not tomorrow…

After they had finished I took these photos in the gathering gloom of a February afternoon...

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I don’t know if you can remember February 2014, but it was windy and wet. Very windy and very wet. We were so thankful the Alders had been taken down; the winds were so strong we feared others would come down on us. The Garden Stream was in spate. I moved the Buddha as he was in serious danger of being swept away!

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This is the only time since we moved here that the black plastic basket in the pond was actually submerged. The rain was incredible. We went out to check on the stream; fearing it must be blocked somewhere with the volume of water coming down….we spent an hour or so making sure the Garden Stream was flowing well….the ones in the wood? Well, they would have to fend for themselves…!

We had been invited out for Sunday afternoon; Jane had made a cake to take with us, but sadly, we could not go…we had a puncture and it took until Monday 10th Feb before it was all resolved. We had to get the tyre repaired temporarily so we could go to the nearest Kwik Fit to have a new one fitted.

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The nearest Kwik Fit is Aberystwyth. So we were forced to go and have day out at the Shops! Whoo-hoo!

It was Half Term, so we did not have a Welsh lesson on Wednesday 12th February; however, we had such a lot of stuff to take to the Recycling Centre in Dolgellau, that in spite of the raging wind, we loaded up and drove off. On our way back, a tree came down beside the car. That was pretty scary. We decided that we would not make another run to the tip that day, and would instead stay At Home.

When we got back to AMYNEDD; Jane got out of the car first and said in a calm, quiet voice. “When you get out, Christine, don’t scream.”

Panicking, but trying hard not to, I got out looked around and saw this:

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The Ash tree beside the huge conifer we were having felled had collapsed on top of the newly refurbished shamanic room! Aghhhhhh!

Surprisingly, there was little damage; the building had been constructed so well it remained watertight until Tim and Andy fixed it almost four months later!

John Anderson promised to come out as soon as he could .The order of priority for him was to remove trees resting directly on the roof tops of people’s homes and to remove trees from power lines. After that, it was to remove trees from roofs of out buildings.

So that was that. We could do nothing to help until the worst of the tree was removed. And the weather continued to be awful, little progress was made wit any of the projects…

And under it all, Jane and I were worried that Chris T would demand we sell AMYNEDD in order to give her back the money she had put into the property when we first moved here.

This was a dark and terrible time.

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