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Imbolc and Unexpected Changes for Us All

Blog 11

January/February 2014

So many things happened in January and February 2014; I am still amazed by it all and by the speed at which some things occurred.

Tim and Andy completed the Shamanic room – well, to the extent that we could shift everything back into it from the garage, so they could get on with transforming that. But also they built the dividing wall in the long thin room that ran along the end of the house, and had made a much more sensibly sized access hole to the space above it.

blog11 01blog11 02

These two photos show the new room on our side with the new loft access and the other shows Chris T placing dust sheets in the hope that not too much dust would get onto her things….dust, sadly, gets everywhere….plaster dust like soot, is part of life here….

Chris T took a week in January to visit her family in Yorkshire. While she was gone, Tim and Andy did this…

blog11 03

They put a new door onto the old garage! Even before they did anything more to it, the old garage looked immediately so much better. Tim started to call it “The Studio” and now, that is its name!

While Tim and Andy got on with that, Jane discovered and broke into pieces, another Cairn in the woods…this time it was beside the old wooden shed….it did not have a cement mixer in it, but it did have this lot…

blog11 04blog11 05

Fortunately it was not as huge as the one she and Chris T had uncovered in the back garden; but it was big enough. There seems to be a lid from a slow cooker and the mixing bowl from a Kenwood Chef; the metal domed thing? We have no idea what it was used for; the metal trays were, we think, shelves from an oven. Hey ho.

Meanwhile I was slaving away slapping white paint onto the walls of our new tiny room. We had decided it would be Jane’s Office. All we needed to do was paint it, put down some carpet to replace the vile green carpet tiles and put up some shelves. Oh and find a desk. Simple.

blog11 06blog11 07

These show roughly the same place, and you can plainly see the vile green carpet tiles. The bookshelves had been constructed by Joan and Albert, Jane’s parents, long ago. They were built for novels. Mostly paperbacks still fit, but hardback books, well, sideways only. These are not all our fiction; there are five more boxes full which do not fit on these shelves… Note also the new carpet. We drove to Aberystwyth for it, carried it home in the car and Jane fitted it.

The curtains were Elizabeth’s; I washed, dried and ironed them. They will do for now.

Meanwhile Tim and Andy were cracking on doing the garage…

blog11 08blog11 09

Now we had a window and a back door! The back door, however, is all wrong. Tim fitted it to open inwards (we wanted it to open outwards); we asked for a plain glass, Tim fitted frosted glass; we’d asked for a plain bottom half…sadly, this is very patterned…

Then, Tim found the roof was not good. Oops. This was extra money we had not expected. Tim knew some good local flat roof people; they came, they walked about on the roof talking Welsh to each other and decided it would cost £880.00 to put it right. We took a deep breath and said “Fine. Can you do it tomorrow?”

blog11 10blog11 11

Chris T came back from her family visiting and we were again the AMYNEDD 3.

The roofing men came, they made good and Tim carried on…here you can see the new roof and the new laminate floor which went over the under floor heating….this view from the back door to the front door shows how it was all beginning to take shape…

Then Jane and I were away overnight; we had some business in Scarborough…

While we were away, the electricians came and fitted the sockets in the garage and connected the under floor heating; Chris T painted her own bedroom and the room that was her new office and unpacked all of her stuff into it. She got rid of all her boxes. We were very impressed. We still have many unpacked boxes.

Then we had a surprise; well, a shock, really. Chris T told us she was leaving to go away and think through her decision to live here with us.

With extreme difficulty, we persuaded her to stay with us and for the 3 of us to work through any problems that had arisen. Finally, just as she agreed to do that, she took a phone call from her mum asking her to come back to Yorkshire quickly as her Dad had taken a turn for the worse.

Obviously Chris T had no option but to go back immediately. Jane made her a sandwich; I asked for and got a blessing for her…

She left, promising to return soon…

Well. We were shocked by the whole turn of events, and did not know what to do.

So we carried on, carrying on…

Imbolc arrived. We had bought 3 pots of snowdrops one for each of us, but as Chris had gone we offered one of the pots to Kwan Yin and placed the other two pots on our altar in the front room...

blog11 12blog11 13

And then these appeared…

blog11 14

How lovely are they?

The three of us had many long discussions with Tim about a shed. We needed a shed. A big shed. Chris T was worried we would need planning permission. Tim assured us we would not as long as it was not placed in front of the front line of the house. Fine. We looked for sheds on line. Found one. Ordered it and then had a panic about where it should be placed!

The most obvious place was in front of the 3rd greenhouse, but it had raised beds there. We decided to move one of the beds. Fortunately, Jane had spent a lot (a lot) of time clearing these beds of weeds and preparing them to be planted. However, moving one was hard work.

blog11 15blog11 16blog11 17

Here you can see the original positions of the four raised bed and also the new position of the one we moved. We removed all of the soil from it and sieved it carefully removing all weeds and saving the sieved soil on cardboard…we had lots of cardboard…..and in the next picture you can see Tim and Andy sorting out where to place the concrete pad which would hold our brand new shiny shed!

We worked ourselves very hard the whole time Chris T was away. We wanted her to be pleased with how much we had achieved…we wanted her to have decided to stay…

So I cleared up the place where the compost bins were and made a wonderful new path through the mud using our very own chippings!

blog11 18blog11 19

It was to no avail, however. Chris T came back from Yorkshire on Tuesday 4th February and told us she had decided because of the increasing fragility of her parents health, to leave AMYNEDD forever and would be leaving again with more clothes the next day.

There was nothing we could say to make her re-consider. We suggested she go to Yorkshire to care for her parents knowing AMYNEDD was her home. She told us that her mind was made up, she was very sorry, but she was leaving on Wednesday 5th February, and would return at the weekend of 15th and 16th February to collect all her things.

There was no more to be said. We wished her well and so she left.

blog11 20

This is the last photo of Christine Ticehurst at AMYNEDD and was taken at about 1pm on Wednesday 5th February 2014.

Good bye, Chris T. We hope you have a good life and a happy one.

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