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Winter Solstice Celebrations 2013

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This was to be our first Winter Solstice Festival and we wanted it to be great. We had celebrated Samhain with Jen and her Dogs, and wanted to do this together with a few other like minded souls.

We invited a select number; for a variety of reasons all but two, had, with regret, to decline. Our good friend, Macca; who had accepted and who was looking forward to spending this special time with us, was asked to stay away in the end, as by that time, Jane was very ill with a particularly nasty cold and was confined to bed for a day or so. We did not want Macca to take our infection home with him. For similar reasons, we also suggested Catherine, another friend, stay away, too. Chris T and I were clearly going to come down with the same cold, so we decided the best policy was to confine the three of us to our home and “pull up the drawbridge” until the infection had run its course.

We were celebrating two events at the Solstice; one was the return of the Sun and the other, the wonderful news that Chris had been offered what seemed to us, like the Perfect Job for her. Chris had worked in Admin before moving to Wales with us; she was an extremely good Administrator; she had found the Advert for the Job Vacancy, on a notice board at the Post Office in Fairbourne; a village a few miles from us.

Her interview was on December 20th which seemed significant indeed.

She was delighted to have been offered the position. We were very proud of her. She was very proud of herself. It looked like it would be an excellent Winter Solstice!

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Just before the Solstice, we had a sudden heavy hail storm; this was the one and only time the ground went white throughout the winter and spring of 2013/14!

We decorated the sitting room with holly and ivy from the garden and Chris T dressed her Yule Log with these 3 red candles. Our Candle Tree was dressed and so we were ready.

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The night of the Solstice, we held Vigil for the Return of the Sun. Jane and I had held this Vigil for many years, but it was the first time Chris T had performed this ceremony.

In the morning, we all dressed, got into the car and drove up as high as we could to Witness the Rising of the Sun. For the first time – ever – Jane and I did not see that happen! The Sun rose far behind the mountain of Cader Idris, and the only sign we had that the Sun had returned, was this photo I took across the Bay, looking towards the Llyn Peninsula; nice though, yes?

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We returned, famished to Amynedd and had a wonderful breakfast; then we thought we would retire to our beds for a couple of hours….but no; Chris T felt energised and thought she would just go out and have a little go at some gardening… we trooped after her and found ourselves knee deep in mud “re-organising” the Duck Pond!

Here, you see Three Go Mad in the Mud….

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We made a new channel for the stream using broken bits of breeze block from the wall of the new Shamanic room…and it looks like this…

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Then we were suddenly overcome with utter weariness and so, after a wonderful meal, we retired, happily to our beds…

On Christmas Day, we decided to have a holiday and did what we had simply not had time to do for weeks; we walked around our lovely 10 acres. This reminded us quite forcefully why we are here. It is just beautiful. Here are some photos I took that day….we got the light of the sun setting, even if we didn’t actually see the sun going down…

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And here is the sea on Christmas Day 2013…the size of the waves gave a taste of the wild weather to come…

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Amynedd has claimed me, now; I cannot imagine being anywhere else; and who would want to leave this place? We even have a Dragon’s Head resting on the ground…!

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Can you see the winking eye?

Happy Solstice Greeting to you all…!

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