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Amynedd - Cleaning, planting and becoming...

In which Jane and Chris T do some much needed gardening…and I wash two of 3 greenhouses!

As there is so much land at AMYNEDD, and as we are all getting older, not younger, it is imperative that we set up systems which will be easy for us to maintain as decrepitude approaches…so Jane is pursuing the ideas of permaculture and forest gardening.

There is a large area beyond Greenhouse 3 which will become an orchard and forest garden as soon as possible after the area has been cleared of fallen trees and an overabundance of holly. In the area between the greenhouses, Elisabeth had placed 4 raised beds; all are of course sadly neglected and when we moved in one had a wasp nest, which Chris T discovered to her chagrin!

Chris T was badly stung and had a very strong reaction to the stings; almost passing out. On the bright side, we now know it is 1 hour and 11 mins drive to the nearest A&E Dept of the hospital in Aberystwyth, and that nearby there is a very good fish and chip shop, which kindly stays open on Sunday evenings… We will use the raised beds to grow an assortment of vegetables, after first removing the biggest weeds and as much leaf growth as possible, then covering them all with cardboard and potting compost for the rest of the winter.

There are three greenhouses at AMYNEDD; two are 6 x 8 ft and the third is 6 x 16 ft; constructed, we think from carefully putting together two older and smaller ones. At the time of writing, the third greenhouse continues to be a holding space for things which have not yet been designated a permanent home. When we moved in, all three were full of stuff, and around them, the leaf litter was so deep we thought it was soil.

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These give you an idea of what the greenhouses contained; the wooden shelves (were Elisabeth’s) are loaded with our surplus plant pots and planters and many other useful gardening things…almost all of the gardening things were taken with great glee by people from gardening clubs in the local villages. We kept almost as much again as we gave away.

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Look how nicely greenhouse 1 scrubbed up….and also how much work was needed on greenhouse 2 to get it right…

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A rare photo of me pleased with myself (note steel toe-capped wellies…) after cleaning both greenhouses and see how useful a Brontosaurus can be…

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Chris T and Jane did some gardening. At first they used spades to dig out big weeds then they got out the pickaxes (note plural…) and did some more gardening….here Chris T and Jane show off the roots they prised out of the bed which has become:

“A Herb Bed”, well actually, “A Herb Bed with Rhubarb”. I do like rhubarb.

We held a small ceremony as we planted out garlic cloves on the Winter Solstice…after calling in the spirits and singing and dancing, we each carefully planted out 4 cloves each; one for each of us and one for the spirits of AMYNEDD.

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And we got a Garden Shredder….

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Chris T really enjoys the garden shredder….!

Jane bought this incredibly useful garden saw….and really, has never looked back; well, until she learned how to use a petrol chainsaw…but that will be in another Blog!

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