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Amynedd - All Change!

In which we discover the secrets hidden in the Stables...

We had found ourselves a good and reliable builder; Tim. We showed him around the property, all talking at once (well me talking most of the time; Chris T nodded a few times and Jane saying to me “Slow down, slow down”) anyway Tim got the gist of what we wanted and was prepared to do it – and soon, too.

We had discussed between ourselves that the first and most important thing to do was to get ready the Shamanic workroom. The first course we wanted to offer at AMYNEDD was “ANCESTORS AND PAST LIVES” between Tuesday April 15th and Saturday 19th April 2014. Five of the six women who would attend the course had already signed up. We had a deadline to work towards…

Our main problem was which room to develop?

We agreed that although the Stables would be ideal, they needed too much doing to them to – including getting Planning Permission for Change of Use. Oh, and installing electricity, which we knew would be expensive. So we decided to convert the largest of the rooms in the outhouse block near the bungalow.

In order to allow Tim access to the room, we had first to empty it.

If we were going to empty it, then where would we put the stuff from it? We would put it into the garage. But the garage was full. So we would empty the garage, then we could store the stuff from the “potential” workroom in it. So if we emptied the garage; where would we store that stuff?

The Stables!

We went up to the Stable block to see if we could put things into it.

We found it was full of stuff.

So we had to empty the Stables, in order to fill it with stuff from the garage so we could store in the garage the stuff from the “potential” workroom. I hope you are managing to keep up…

Here is Chris T carrying the first load of SAWDUST from the Stables. Yes, that is what we found; bags and bags of sawdust…

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The Little Green Trolley we had discovered in the garage really came into its own at this point. Here Chris T waves back jauntily as she careers down the slope with another load destined for the Recycling place in Dolgellau…

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Also in the Stables we discovered many more tons of firewood. Many more tons, indeed; stacked in huge sacks on top of each other, and stored on pallets and in old chicken feed bags. This gives a flavour of what we found….the huge bags in front of the building are full of wood, too.

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Here is Jane stacking bags of sawdust ready for Chris T to trundle down the cars. In total, we shifted 68 bags of sawdust.

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The worst bags were the ones with a crazy selection if things in them – many had handfuls of carefully chopped up pieces of barbed wire, along with chopped up lengths of Christmas tree lights, hundreds of pieces of paper, all ripped into squares of about 4cm and bags and bags of cat poo. Really. Why? We have no idea. Had there been only one bag like that, we may have just shrugged and thought “odd” but nothing more, but there were many such bags. Jane counted 35 of them. They had all to be taken to the tip.

Eventually, we had one room at the Stables clear, and so we were able to fill it with things from the garage…

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And then we could fill the garage with things from the “potential” workroom. Except, there was more stuff in the “potential” workroom than we had thought.

This shows the final photo of our beloved dishwasher. We had nowhere to plumb it in; the kitchen is just not suitable; it was too heavy to take up to the Stables, there was no room in any of the greenhouses – now all stacked high with fall-out from the “potential” workroom and the garage. So we decided to offer it on

And we were so glad we did because we met a man, Jon, who will be very large in our lives in the future, we just know it!

So, good bye dishwasher and hello new friend!

Now, our other new friend and builder, Tim, could begin the transformation of this room…

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To be continued in another Blog!

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