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Amynedd and D.I.Y.

Next we had to organise storage for all our things….who knew we had so much? All three of us had spent weeks before moving down-sizing. Between us, we had ridded ourselves of the equivalent of a 3 bedroom house….and here we were having to rid ourselves of more stuff. This time it hurt even more because now we were down to the really precious things. All the “not so precious” things we had already left behind in Scarborough or Liverton Mines – even though that had been heart breaking enough.

We are seriously short of space in this bungalow. Jane explored the long low loft space which runs the length of the bungalow. It had not been boarded out and was full of insulation. She would not let us go in there; she coughed enough for all of us! We passed up into the loft things we would not need for some time - including our enormous tent and many spare duvets. Chris was able to get her suitcases into the loft space too; she had the room with the fitted wardrobes and a small chest of drawers. It made a huge difference to her room having all of her clothes put away. We were still managing with the Pickford Wardrobe boxes…

We gave ourselves a day off and drove to Porthmathog one Sunday. It was virtually closed…but a couple of places were open and we bought two shelves – one for books in the kitchen and one to be a place for our House Spirit to live…naturally, the shelves intended for books is actually far too narrow and should you be unfortunate enough to sit beneath them as books are being removed, trust me; you take your life in your hands! The shelf for our House Spirit, however, is just fine.

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We were in serious need of serious book shelves; MANY, BIG, WIDE book shelves; certainly many more book shelves than we actually owned. Good old IKEA delivered some Billy bookcases (too long for either car), but really, we decided it was necessary to go and have an adventure at the IKEA stores in Warrington and Ashton under Lyme (YES; we are 2 IKEA in one day sort of people…). It is 2hrs and 44 minutes from AMYNEDD to Warrington IKEA, in case you were wondering. And 2 hrs and 44 mins back. It was a very long day; we were sustained by large plates of meatballs.

Our purchases allowed us to really made a difference to AMYNEDD….Chris did some incredibly intricate work with a drill and a saw, and managed to adjust the 3 big Billys to fit snugly along one wall. I was very impressed.

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Jane fixed up some wardrobe stuff in our bedroom; it means we have got rid of the Pickfords’ wardrobe boxes.

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All I managed to fix up were 6 cup hooks in the kitchen. Good cup hooks; though the other useful rail and hooks I put up was not quite as good….the long utensils, as you can see, are too long for us to place anything in front of them…waste of space really…..sigh.

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Do you like the Surprised Cow holding the spatulas?

We were thrilled with our achievements…hope you are too!

In my next Blog you will find out what we found in the Stables….can you guess? I bet you can’t!

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