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Amynedd, we struggle to find some....

In which our lovely cleared spaces in the House, the Garage and the Workroom are filled once more as Pickford’s deliver our stored stuff…

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Even the size of the lorry is scary! The day before it arrived we had placed notes under the windscreen wipers of all the vehicles which normally park on the road…and so the next morning, the road was clear for the lorry to pull up outside the top gate. And the unloading began….

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Small at first, it didn’t make much impact… But then – chaos!

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Notice the Shelduck on top of the cabinet? We had been looking after it for 19 years; it belonged to a friend’s father and when he died, we were asked to care for it as they did not want either to get rid of it nor to have it in their own home…they have since collected it…I miss it terribly. See how strained Jane is looking….

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The colour of the floor tells you this is the Workroom. Jammed with our things….

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The newly emptied spare room began to fill rapidly….

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Chris took hours to do it, but she successfully swapped the washing machine in the kitchen, for our ancient washer/dryer. Elizabeth’s machine was newer, but ours is old, robust and brilliant. The Pickford men said they would happily take the rejected machine for us and make sure it found a good home.

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The bathroom became the safest place for pictures to be collected and stored until we found safe place to hang them…

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Chris’s room overwhelmed by duvets….and generally overwhelmed…..but, all in all, we had remarkably few casualties….

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Even though some boxes, clearly marked FRAGILE were found beneath boxes of books….

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Finally, Pickfords left and the real work of sorting through everything began……

To help us make some progress through the huge amount of our stuff, the three of us decided on a Plan of Action. We decided that if we unpacked something which was duplicated or even triplicated – as the food processors were, for instance - then ruthlessly we decided that the Best can Stay; and the Rest are to be Sent to Auction!

It seemed to me that we spent as long unwrapping our things only to wrap them again in order to send them finally to Auction. This proved to be a very hard time for us all; we all sent precious things to Auction, because quite literally, in our new tiny house, we simply had no room.

In this way, and only in this way, we began to make progress. But, oh, it was hard.

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Clean bed linen was found in the boxes; our lamps and bedside tables had arrived. Jane and I re-arranged our bedroom and suddenly, AMYNEDD was our HOME.

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