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Amynedd and the Crazy Handyman

In which we get rid of some potentially dangerous trees and a potentially dangerous Handyman and also wave farewell to Elizabeth’s furniture and belongings…

After the excitement of Jens’ visit, we felt we really should get a move on with starting on the repairs to the property. The wood and the pastures can really take care of themselves, but he trees around the house are too tall and are threatening the integrity of the house and the outbuildings. It was almost impossible to get inside the outbuildings nearest to the house; there was a tree growing literally 30cm from the door entrance. To get inside, we had to squash and wriggle our way through the door.

Chris T. found an advert for a Handyman which sounded like he could do lots of the things we needed doing – guttering, shelves, tree felling etc so we phoned him and he came round almost immediately. We were thrilled; almost everyone else we’d tried was busy into 2014…

 blog3 1

Big tree, yes?

The Handyman said he could chop that down, no problem…the next two photos show the tree in the process of being brought down and then in the second one you can see how much space there is in front of the outbuilding. Chris T is using one oour latest toys an absolutely wonderful garden shredder. We have reduced tons of garden waste to chippings using this marvellous tool, and if they were brambles, taken them to the tip and if good woody stuff, kept them to make durable path surfaces.

 blog3 2

Sadly the Handyman was not as wonderful as we had hoped…he wore no protective gear while using his chain saw and we think he was not as skilled as perhaps he believed himself to be…here he mended a drain pipe with a screw…

 blog3 3

So, bye bye Mr Handyman…thanks for all you did…

He did some good stuff though…he removed the badly pruned cherry tree from the back patio…

 blog3 4

Note the halo around Chris T’s head; she was so thrilled the cherry had gone…she became holy for a moment!

 blog3 5

And he removed some very dangerous branches from over the outhouse…but see our worries…he has not protective gear at all and that is his wife holding the ladders steady. She could have had a branch fall on her…too scary to think about.

Since then we found an excellent Tree Surgeon in Dolgellau – JOHN ANDERSON and he has taken down a load of potentially dangerous trees for us.

We approached the Auction House in Dolgellau to help us get rid of Elizabeth’s stuff….this is where the piano used to be….and half a wardrobe…

 blog3 6

It took two van loads to remove everything from the house….

 blog3 7

It was sad and also satisfying to finally be rid of Elizabeth’s belongings from the house….here is one of the lovely things we had to let go…

 blog3 8

See how much space we had….this is the long study at the back of the house…it had been filled to the brim with books…

 blog3 9

Chris T took a hammer and much determination and removed utterly the fitted wardrobe in the spare room…here it is sitting on the drive waiting to be removed by Gwynedd council workmen…

 blog3 10

blog3 11

Doesn’t that look better?

So we decided to decorate the front room before the rest of our stuff arrived from store…

blog3 12 

We chose a bright and, we hoped, sunny green to warm the place up… Here it is with new light shades too…

 blog3 13

We were pleased with the eventual look…we had no curtains yet…Chris T had some that she hoped would fit, but they were in store…

Terrified now of just how much stuff would be arriving from store we had to tackle the garage and the outhouses to empty them in order to have somewhere to store our stuff….

The GARAGE….and some of the contents…

 blog3 14

That includes 2 lawnmowers, a handy green trolley, step ladders and on the right a tumble drier…

 blog3 15

Doesn’t it look grim? We had absolutely no idea what to do with all of this stuff…lots just had to be taken directly to the tip…like this example of a newspaper we found in solid heaps; they had become wet and then had dried together so firmly, I took a hammer to crack the pile into movable chunks….so dense they could not be carried by one person. The date on this newspaper is 20th March 2003.

blog3 16 

In the middle picture, slightly unfocussed, Jane is holding a rat skull. On the left; just a general assortment of stuff to be tipped…..

We found a lump hammer….I had to try it!

 blog3 17

Having sifted through the mess of the garage, we then had to replace everything in a more organised fashion, because we had then to empty the Workroom. And the prospect of doing that was if anything even more terrifying than the Garage had been….

There was so much stuff in the Workroom, Jane had to squeeze herself inside and then pass things through the tiny crack of the door, in order to open the door slightly wider to let us inside…

We were so overwhelmed by what we found; I forgot to take any photos! This, of the workbench tidied after the majority of the room was cleared, gives a little indication of how much we found…and the heaped stuff in the one on the left, gives some indication of how much we had to deal with…

 blog3 18

We were thrilled when we had achieved this amazingly clear and clean space; I swept out more dust and debris than can be described….the floor, once I had washed and dried it, looked very good.

 blog3 19

I lost track of how many tip runs we did; with both cars loaded to the gunnels, we tried to get in at least two each time. It is a 22 minute drive to the tip and a 22 minute drive back. The guys at the tip soon recognised our cars and came out t ohelp us unload; so good.

We have found unfailing politeness and friendliness from everyone we have encountered here in Wales. For us, used to brusque Yorkshire ways, it feels very strange; lovely, but strange.

Our part of the West Welsh coast is famous for its sunsets…we had been too busy to even note them, but his one even we noticed….note the open car boot; even at sunset we were still loading the cars….

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May the Peace of Amynedd wash over You and keep You Safe.

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