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Amynedd at Samhain

My second installment shows what happens when you pull at things too enthusiastically and also what Tywyn Beach is like in a gale….

Our friend Jen came to stay with her two dogs, Sula (Rhodesian Ridgeback) and Lucy (whippet).

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The little red car you see in the picture is Jen’s. she kindly offered to help us do some pruning….that’s what is in the front of the picture, the start of some serious pruning. And also in the picture is my trusty potting table which I’ve had for years and years….

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Jen did have somewhere to sleep….we made some space for her in the spare room and she was happy to share this tiny space with her beloved dogs. Jen was quite complimentary about the room and the bed “Very comfortable”; so, phew!

Jen came to help with the gardening….she just got stuck in and started to pull and pull this….it was most resistant. Chris T said “Careful Jen!”

 blog2 3

And came to help….

The fence behind them went CRACK!

Jen said “Oh if it has broken so easily it must have been rotten!”

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There was no stopping her…she cleared and swept and pruned and cleared… she was worth her weight in gold.

See what a difference they made to this small area….

 blog2 5

The new took it all to the tip….in all 3 cars…but here are two of them full to the brim…

 blog2 6

…and me with a beautiful bouquet….

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It was Samhain that weekend…here are Chris T and Jane with the lovely Jen on Saturday night just before we set to enjoying our Samhain feast…. We were absolutely worn out….

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Here are Jen’s lovely dogs and faithful friends…Sula on the left and Lucy on the right…

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The photo below shows the candle tree lit for Samhain and standing in front of the log burner. The silver candle holder we discovered here among Elizabeth’s things. As it held 3 candles we felt it appropriate for the Amynedd 3 to keep it. Behind the candle holder is a small greetings card. It is in fact a gift tag and we think it was probably written in the 1960s to Elizabeth from her parents. The inscription read:

“To Our Lizzie from her Mum and Dad and Little Mo” we think Little Mo was the cat. The gift tag was part of our celebration of Elizabeth’s life when we had finally emptied the house of her belongings.

 blog2 10

The following day, we thought to show Jen and her dogs, the sights of the Welsh coast; so we took her to Tywyn….it was windy…and it was cold…

 blog2 11

Then Jen and her dogs drove home….she said she had enjoyed herself and was looking forward to coming back soon…

Maybe when it warms up a bit, eh, Jen?

Amynedd is a lovely place. It has mountains, sea and woods. It is the most beautiful place I’ve ever lived in, I think – and I’ve lived in some lovely places; Carlisle, Hong Kong, Nottingham, the North Yorkshire Moors and Scarborough…but this place, it is just perfect.

I hope you feel inspired to come and see for yourself….

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